Thursday, 9 June 2011


The trusty workshop where I took the car (some 10 days ago) on recommendation turned out to be one where the owner and boss happened to simply hate Ladas. This part, that the vintage aged car they were to check over my contact forgot to mention to them and only came out when sighting the thing, the very car. So they weren’t much motivated to do anything to the car. They twisted some nobs and pulled some levers at some point I am sure, the doctor style. The engine sounds a hint better, although it had a pretty neat sound already before. They had the courtesy to change oil and check the breaks which is a definite must after our trip to Austria late December (remember, we driven the car wondering about the funny noise it makes when breaking only to find out back in Hungary that it was mostly luck that the breaks haven’t failed completely – it was a new built Suzuki on which the breaks shortly before have been checked). Our Lada had and has good breaks but checking them was important anyways. Ok, the hand break was kind of crappy.

And it feels ‘Szeged’ is needing a new name soon. One like ‘Lada’ or ‘Kitty’. But there are other things too. Like people. Or cats that can now be found also on the bathroom ceiling (still wondering if we should take them on the journey – there should be enough room on the roofrack, or should we allocate a box for them (of which we seem to have plenty). And monkeys in the trees outside our window ( I think the monkeys will fly. Better situation for everyone, perhaps the flight attendants would beg to differ). Ernest will miss going to the zoo. I will miss being with Ernest and Lili at the zoo. Though now Lili has a bit of a boost of zoo in her system. The last week of the school they are spending out at the zoo. I guess it gives a bit of a breathing space for her teacher. Throw them in with the gibbons…

Now that we are running out of things to put in boxes, I have really established my habit of collecting boxes. I became rather successful in collecting them, the really good ones. So we will have an excess of boxes when we finally leave. In fact, I already have thrown away a bunch of crappie ones. That didn’t leave up to our new standards of super durable boxes. Now here in inner city Szeged that means that as a private person I can litter the streets with them for mainly two reasons.

First of all, our fellow housemates dislike the idea of the bins being clogged up with cardboard, even the night before the binmen come. But then, the binmen dislike the idea of treating cardboard as communal rubbish. And just throw the large bits out on the side of the street, or if it is next to the bin than they leave it. I was thinking about burning it but then I would get a fine for doing that in inner city Szeged. A bit of a standoff.

Fortunately a fellow housemate, actually building mate, came to my rescue and she knew that the best thing to do is to rip them into fairly small bits, and mix them in all the bins. So far no maniacs expressed any desire to still take them out of the bins.

I wish I could say that all that is left to do until we leave is making seat-covers so we don’t stick to our leather seats… this isn’t the case

And recently I have left out politics altogether, not because there isn’t any, or because it is of no interest or importance. I have no energy anymore. A move, across so many miles takes a toll on one’s capacities. What may be worthy of mention is perhaps not worth mentioning. Apparently the Hungarian EU presidence has been a success. Somehow. But at least , non-politically again, the matter of antimatter is settled now.

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