Thursday, 9 December 2010


Have woken early, Ernest screamed us through the morning. It wasnt pleasent.
Reception duty at Lili's school, taking notes from a book. Ernest didnt come, Jen didnt call, i guess the pouring rain... we never talked it over.
Had two hours to go home hang with the young one and clean a bit. We both, Jen and I seem hectic.
At noon back to the school. It's messy today, the schedule is because I had to change parts of my afternoon for a morning slot. the janitor has had a great complaining to me about the school. I agree with most of the stuff he said, feel shitty, what can I say?
Reception duty is otherwise boring.

I changed parts of my afternoon so I can come to the doctor, dermatologist. I have had this appointment for 2 months now, finally it is the big day. Registering with the doctor is a pain though. Although I have my European health insurance card that apparently should automatically provide me with free health care in central europe, or maybe it is only a hungarian specialty this card (that I state again is otherwise designed to make matters easy) makes matters the more complicated. It seem that I have to bring in some papers from KELA, my KELA card and some more stuff, I have to bring a photocopy of them as well because they can't make copies here. In theory taking the info off the card should provide the evidence. Not in a society where the main focus of trust is that you shall not trust anything. painfull and the stress having to chase up these papers makes my eczema that much worst. I came to be treated for it though.

The pharmacy was much the same, nowdays I am patient, frustrated silently. I realized, perhaps thanks to close ties that people just don’t get it how frustrating over-bureaucratising life is. Instead I am advised to be like everyone else. I would fit in better. Trying to be polite instead. And cheerful. Sleep during the night would help.

Snowstorm is own, in the afternoon. We started the day with 14C plus and on the way home it’s cold wind and almost freezing temp. Not being dressed for it a small wonder I survive the 3 minutes cycle.

Home is a mess. The potatoes bake too slow so Jen skipps dinner. She had to go back to uni for a Hungarian class. She treats me to some of her homework assignment wants the kids are in bed but that is late in the evening. Before I have to get through putting the kids in bed. Sadly, I am falling asleep with a cup of tea while they are bringing the house down. eventually Ibring their moods down by demanding to help me tidy up.

Jen found her topic for bilingual homework assignment. It’s me.
Another day passed in Szeged.

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