Sunday, 26 December 2010

26 December

I feel I perhaps should be kicking myself for failing this journal with appropriately regular entries. A bad habbit offailing to build good ones but than what is the point in punishing one’s self during the festivities they are so obsessed about – without wanting to be racist or offensive I am refgering to the lot we generally claim responsible for the current civilizational state of the world.

So these series of festive days int he passing now and I think the highlight was builiding a fire to keep some light going the longest night a couple of days before the decorate the tree, stress int he kitchen, open presents and eat yourself sick days. We got pretty drunk that night altough failed with the dancing around the fire naked… maybe staying with my mum and the minus temperatures stopped us. so perhaps we weren’t all that drunk.
As for the so called regularly accepted and not labeled as ’pagan’ festive days I can only say it was pleasent and relaxed which came to me as a surprise in a family where some members are not willing to talk to each other or spend time in each others’ vicinity and the term ’extended family’ takes on new meanings. But this perhaps isnt for a public blog.

The bears are learning Jedi, Ernest rocks on his rocking raindeer, Lili plays with kitchen and microscope, Jen sows and I, I hm, I… actually I don’t know.

I just realised today that one can be defreanded on facebook for being extremely critical and showing a developing of one’s perspective… being a neomarxist for instance. It’s comic somehow for some time ago I have defriended someone who advocated fascist views and at some point passed around some good hearted racist comments too. I wonder if he thinks he was presenting healthy character development and I was punishing him for that. Anyways, when it is a friend’s parnter who defreands you which friend you have a withering away relationship, wondreing how to rekindle it while this partner he wishes to settle down to have kids and all you wonder to let go.

I got pretty tired this last week. I have been missing my routine, going for walks, or just doing nothing. When you are in a house that is not prepared for small kids it is tiring to just stay in and do nothing. the busiest possible option.

There might be some who read this and I haven’t told you anything in a while. That doesn’t mean I don’t mean to I simply am just shit at conversing over the net. apologies. Drop a line at least for a while I will feel somewhat obliged to write back

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