Thursday, 24 February 2011

17th February - On the Train

We have been sitting on the train for the last near two hours. Finally the heating is starting to kick in and it’s kicking real hard. I wonder if I should roast or turn it off than freeze. It’s only the three of us again. Jen is staying home to work on her thesis. In some ways she feels it’s a shame to lose out on hanging out with us in some other ways she was really looking forward to being able to not only sleep in but generally just sleep without Ernest jumping on her head from early dawn. When she told me about the possibility of just spreading out her papers on the table while working without having to quickly put them back in a folder after 45 minutes when we come home from the shops or Ernest wakes up I literally got a jealous rage (clearly we miss having a study).

Ernest fell asleep after the first half hour, considering his lack of sleep during the night he was due a nap. Lili is sitting in the luggage rack taking care of her own entertainment so I am pleased to sit here and enjoy typing away for no apparent reason or purpose. Just enjoying the typing.

I have been doing some thinking recently. Jen staying home because she has to work and we are away on our great adventure to visit my mother and spend a day with my father. She thinks it kind of sucks that she has to stay home – as I mentioned before. It’s kind of true. But nowadays as a stayathome parent I have a lot of time to stay at home – obviously not literally - and parent. I realise I must have been missing out before. Considering my previous bloggings for instance I came to see that this time it’s different. I often manage to write cute and fairly interesting stories yet this time around I have no need to call on the aids of imaginary friends of all sorts. Liliom and Ernest provides us with plenty of opportunity to tell interesting stories without adding much if anything. Perhaps the odd politically inclined or motivated metaphor, interpretation, call to arms. And encounters with the odd medical professional.

(and this was the point when Ernest got up)

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