Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February 2nd

It is increasingly difficult to restrain myself from mentioning politics or being political in this blog in Szeged. I may have mentioned before about the set up of the city hall where the majority of the councillors are from the governing party but the major is from another, the biggest opposition party (in parliament) so all that happens in the city council is these two pissing each other off for the sake of it. It has affected Lili’s school for instance by not being able to make deals with the council about building and upgrading the building – which we rent from the city and as the owner the city’s permission is needed for changing it. Or more recently the Hungarian government’s début in the European Parliament. And of course now there is Norht Africa, the middle East and Egypt in the middle of it all that I find increasingly difficult to let pass without a comment especially so that we talk about it a lot.

Well, for those who can’t see how this is all –
- Yes and there is the recent pitch, combined direct opposition to the London Govmnt by the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irelander govermnts. Vow.
So if you think this may result into too much politics in an apolitical blog I – and another funny bit, we had some guests today, my mother and her friends and while their were here we haven’t discussed recent happenings in the political spheres of hungary , although I have been talking about it with Jen while preparing tea for our guests in the kitchen - so yes I recommend and finally actually do, this oldish awareness video from Scotland, my second, or maybe third home - depends on how one is sequencing and prioritising. Haven’t quite finalised it myself.

Liliom had a ballet presentation today. They were quite nice. I mean the children. Working really hard and all that. Ernest slept through most of it and I forgot to take off my jumper before settling so I nearly died in the heat but hey, is there anything you wouldn’t do for your children? I still wonder, if a boy these days dared to join the ballet class, what colour would he wear? The bright pink maybe would be pushing a step too far wouldn’t it? After all just because someone wants to dance doesn’t automatically mean that he wants to become the girliest girly princessy vuagh! But what colour would match pink? Black? Not sure. Of course these days in after school or extracurricular sporty activities the ones with balls play with balls therefore the outfit for ballet is not a concern.

Now that I am finally starting to feel better and a bit more up to doing, hm, living life it is Jen’s turn to start falling ill. This is the game (if one dares calling it as susch ) we have been playing since the end of September. Someone in the house would always feel physically rubbish. This puts some marks on our stay here.
Yesterday my head was full of wonderful ideas. In the evening we cleaned the house and ever since I feel empty inside. I never imagined that a tidy and clean house can put a strain on creative energy in such a nasty manner. Quite said.

Ernest has fallen into some destructive behaviour pattern recently. Yesterday we realised that it can be cured by taking him out on to the walking street. Let him stroll around, wave to his admirers, check out shops and places... puts him in a good mood. He tides up and only occasionally attacks Lili. Of course we could be wrong and he is in a better mood because for a change his growing teeth have stopped growing and bothering him. He can realise that life actually is fun

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