Friday, 11 February 2011

February 11th


Jen has been pacing a journey recently, and I suppose she still is about blogging. She is finding it difficult to move away from status updates into blogs. She claims she can express wisdom in a sentence or two. It's a very finnish mentality. All that talking some others do may not come to saying much. (saying this after i have been neglecting blogging / saying much/ for nearly a week – but I have my culprit, my scapegoat in Ernest for depriving me of precious sleep and another in the deathly UN course and yet another in school politics. (this last one especially shall be revisited later shall I not tire of typing.))

Perhaps it is best to start a new paragraph.

Types of blogging... hm, perhaps some are just ways of small talk. I can't do small talk. I blog small talk or at least I try. And here I shall thank Jen for helping me to think about blogging; a kind of aims talk, thinking. Of course I could turn around and curse her for showing me the parts of my blogger account where i can trace number and origins of hits on my posts. However, I was complaining about no feedback and tracking your audience perhaps is a active form of seeking feedback. Best to let go.

I intended to go for walks in sandals for footwear this week but i oalways only remembered once out on the street. It was warm. Had a chat at the school some two days ago with one of the teachers about the time being ripe to start wearing sandals and she thought I was kidding. No I wasn't . In Oulu I am usually the first one but now I am increasingly concerned that because of my lack of paying attention to it someone will beat me to it. Naturally I will be able to hide behind the fact that in Oulu sandals happen in the last week of arpil at the earliest which is still far and that is way I am just still too wintery in my thinking but still, there is apparently serious competitive spirit in me and in this most important are of life I will not be last! Or second even.

I remember on Sunday we went for a walk and it was warm enough no to wear hats (it was warm enough for sandals too I think, now). Ernest was utterly confused. He just really didn't want to accept it. 'you go out, you put you hat on!' goes the mantra, can't imagine how it would be in Oulu. Although there this mantra is there year around. They just give a different reasoning for the kids.

Ok, I run out of steam... to be continued

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