Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 15th

We are moving back to Oulu soon. It’s becoming some kind of an obsession now. We have had an argument about cardboard boxes. It is unsettling to give up all our stuff to let someone else drag them halfway across Europe. We cannot deny being control freaks. It is weird when we are told with admiration how easygoing parents we are. I am not at all certain considering this above mentioned insecurity. Or maybe I am just jumping to conclusions, another trace of the local culture. But careful, I shouldn’t be stereotyping things too much.

While yesterday we were busy going out, today we were busy staying in. Ernest slept through doctor who waking at the final moments of the show. We could save face only by having doctor who confidential at hand as well and we watched that with him. They say it was a wonderful episode with Tardis personified. It wasn’t, not for the significance of the episode.

I went to our local tesco supermarket in the outskirts yesterday. Had to pick up a couple of things there. At some point I was weighing a bag of frozen beens in my hand wondering how much it could cost, you see, there was no price tag for this particular type (cut green beans). I couldn’t figure out but I had the brilliant idea to walk back towards the fruit and veg section, behind it there is a barcode reader. It wasn’t there. I was puzzled then I realised that in our local Prisma in Oulu used to be a barcode reader behind the fruit and veg section (it may have been moved since the whole things was being rebuilt a year ago when we were coming here).

mostly useless piece of information: in places where there is central heating for the area (like neighbourhoods wiht highrises) tonight is the last night the heating is on. as of tomorrow the heaitingseason finished.

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