Saturday, 21 May 2011

May 21st - this is it?

We thought we will solve our financial challenges (PC) by good old fashioned capitalist enterprise.

Szeged is full of secondhand clothes shop that claim to sell top quality ’english’ clothes. We have a lot of top quality second hand ‘english’ brand clothes. Especially children’s clothes. So we thought that on the second hand market we rent a stall and make a killing. My mum kindly visited us for the weekend to hang out with the kids and enjoy the Szeged Bridge Festival so Jen and I can stand around on the market for hours on and on.

I think we didn’t consider the problem that everyone with a significant disposable income today would rather be in the citycentre. At the market people generally seemed to be pissed of that we charged money for our stuff. We earned a sum of 10 Pounds. Our first capitalist venture so far is a failure. I bought a lottery ticket just in case we can avoid tomorrow’s market day. Jen has printed a whole bunch of signs of the UK brands and union jacks like the proper second hand shops downtown. It feels really silly to imagine standing under the British flag, especially when we are people who argue for the breaking up of the union. What capitalism does to you.

I had an interesting conversation, well, I thought it was a conversation with a man at the market. It was about values. Interestingly he started talking about the two movies that he has read about recently in a magazine. Both are prize winner creations, one of them is a Romanian movie – which I also read about – tells the story of two siblings whose life meet again after long separation and they become very close, the story never reveals how intimately close if at all that much. It’s a very beautiful, slow, scenic movie set in N-E Romania, on the mouth of the Danube. The locals disapprove of the siblings’ decision to build a house together. That’s it. The other movie is about a couple where the husband has to go away for an extended period and the wife becomes intimate with the husband’s good friend. Both are potentially realistic stories, something that happens to real people in real life.

I was slowly realising this was not a conversation. The man started lecturing about how this movies, remember prize winning movies are propaganda that say it is ok to fuck your sister and your best friend’s wife. I eventually managed to put my views in that I think these stories can be told now, because it is possible, it is ok to tell such stories now and explore the moral dilemmas for instance, because these are potentially real stories that happen to people and perhaps these were winning movies because they were good at telling stories that people can identify with.

The response was that it used to be that when the men had to go away for three years to the army, the woman would wait and not have sex and not cheat and would raise his children and even if he died and never came back she would never touch another man again.

I said that this is pretty sure true for some women but not all people. There were probably others who didn’t wait for their boyfriends and boyfriends who found love while away from their love and I think only because he believes people should behave in a certain way and approves only of that behaviour does not mean that everyone should behave in that way.

The shit hit the fan.

Did I know that 85 percent of employees in ‘Hollywood’ are jewish? He asked me. Such movies as these two could be prize winners because they are made by such people which can be done because it is all part of a or actually The jewish conspiracy to rule the world or something like that. A sort of jewish agenda.

I said good bye to the person, I still cannot respond to this kind of sudden and ‘normal’ anti-Semitism. He asked back ‘what are you, jewish?!’ I said ‘that’s irrelevant’ and added another good bye.

Jen told me later I should have asked back if he knew that half of Hollywood are Hungarian and the other half are Australian. Could there be a Hungarian-Australian-Jewish conspiracy than? But I don’t know, there maybe are too many on the ‘in’ of this secret plan this way.

Got to go now, no fun stuff about the kids, felting at the festival, Lili’s story about her selling experiences at the school’s tent, nothing about our wonderful afternoon with Jen while the others were visiting people… you only get the nasty stories tonight. Now shower and with Jen we hit the street for the Wine festival. Who know, May 21st is the day after all, tomorrow it would be even more of all hard work with all that folk gone.

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