Monday, 16 May 2011

May 16th

I am writing with some degree of guilt. It’s… actually hard to speak of it, but I suppose I need to say, to be honest and straightforward even when carrying the guilt equivalent to that of a true nationalist’s when betraying his country. I started another blog, in Hungarian I thoroughly enjoy writing it. I am in fact very excited about it for it is a new chance, another horizon to explore with a largely different set of people, even if there is some overlap. I am excited to non-politically write politics, Hungarian politics to people I usually bit concerned of offending when saying things straight out without a blog. But it also feels like I am starting another family parallel to this and of course while I am aware that it isn’t a real family, not in the traditional, nuclear family sense the history of… I am just blathering, perhaps wanting to show off. Sorry. I know love cannot be split only multiplied.

Ernest and I had a conversation on the phone today. It was a first one. We were right next to each other though. He loves phones but he will not talk to anyone on them, only imagine talking to someone. Today I was using both skpye and the phone to take care of a list of things that required phoning people. Mostly official stuff. He wanted a piece of the action so with the headset on my, hm, head I called the phone which he was imagining to have a conversation through. It was exciting. Than I helped him to ‘pick it up’. After some time he went along with the idea of talking so we did.

We started packing today, I think you think it’s soon, month before we go, but as proven it is just about time besides, the sooner we are packed, the more relaxed the actual hectic parts will be. The children handle it differently. Liliom dressed up as a cat. Ernest started packing too. Didn’t want to listen to Jen that should he pack his favourite cats into the boxes that will be open again in August only he will not have those cats.

Generally, the kids seem content though so long as - in front of them – I don’t get into the packing with Jen (they follow me around and stand in the way). I actually feel happy about it. She has experience you know. When we moved to Finland I was already in Finland when she had to pack up everything on her own. When we came over here I had exams then I took off for a week just before moving leaving her with the stuff. Maybe I should just let her handle it this time as well. I wonder what her comment will be.

Of course I am not being true here, I do keep busy with all the paperwork, money matters, organising, phone calls and blogging.

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