Monday, 10 January 2011

January 11th

Around 11am I gave up and turned towards home. The coffee he drunk before we left the house some 2 hours earlier did not seem wanting to wear off. Of course he weas only waiting for this signal and fell asleep. There might be the odd question ‘why let a toddler drink coffee?’ but my comeback is Lili’s explanation on how she came to have drunk coffee when she accidentally revealed that she didn’t like coffee: she was walking with her tongue hanging out, she slipped and fell and her tongue accidentally got into the coffee cup sitting on the floor next to the sofa. Ernest’s explanation is so much more modest and straight to the point; I put my more or less empty cup on the table and i turned my back. Surely, what did I expect?

The past week’s biggest achievements are... hm, Jen is frantically studying for exams, writing blog entrie(s) and... well, she is having a stressful time. Poor little sowing machine is sitting on the side of the desk with the dustcover on. Lili is enjoying weaving and keeps talking about it all the time ( I prefer I recounts of school life). Ernest on our Sunday afternoon sunny walk and play in the park learnt to sit down on the slide all by himself and, well, slide down. It was so exciting eventually he stopped doing this in his excitement and would just throw himself down the slide. He had another one. Today while I was yet again talking to the greenpeace activist on the walking street, which happens sort of every time we walk there, Ernest discovered his tongue. Again. He does this at least once a week. And last but not least late this morning walking in town I caught myself thinking about my thesis topic! It was quite a surprise actually. Have been avoiding it for quite some time and now there it was!

In the afternoon I’ve found some old oranges in the fridge and decided to handpress some juice for the kids only to have the glass thrown on the ground. Was tempted to soak it up and squeeze and hand press the second time but i couldn’t.

Started watching river cottage, the very first episode. The pigs were cute. Or so we were told. Lili weaved. It was Jen’t idea, it’s a training video for our future rural life. We are setting up the online community as we speak. Just goes slowly with all this other bits to do.

And finally some politics too

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