Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 18th

So last night lengthily on the phone we discussed amongst other things the issue of developing gender apartheid. Have I ever said this is an apolitical blog? I started with mentioning the Guardian article which with Jen we were really happy to read. Finding out that stuff that we always been saying, knowing and finding bluntly obvious is also for others. We are not alone! Anyways he was shocked to hear how far a new genderistion has gone these last few years but of course I run into trouble here and there.

An interesting idea came to my mind though. We do have a perception of prehistoric life. A certain way of labour division, man – hunt, woman –gather which makes humans hunter-gatherers.

But we actually don’t have much records from that era? What if it wasn’t like that at all, what if the genderisation of society became an increasing reality in urbanised civilisations? After all how prehistoric life is being interpreted is rather telling. The findings are put together and guessed, speculated into a system to make sense but this system isn’t created by the prehistoric persons (as they are long gone) but some scientist in an incredibly fragmented, sexist and violent society. Naturally his interpretation will be seriously biased by his socio-cultural context.

I took Ernest to the dermatologist today. I probably should do this every other week. His skin has not been so pretty and healthy for a long, long time. The curse of Eczema and long waiting list I guess. So the doctor said that he just has some really beautiful but also very delicate skin which we need to take care of. Oh, really? But she didn’t really have much time for us, people are waiting outside! So doctor meeting a new patient for the first time ever about an incredibly complex skin condition judged a 3 minutes encounter is more than appropriate. I have no luck with doctors in Szeged. I bit my tongue. I may have mentioned before or maybe we were talking about it with Jen that Eczema is one of those condition that doesn’t really count as a ‘real’ medical condition. You kind of try to act and live as it didn’t even exist, just some minor thingy on the side, nothing important yet it requires constant everyday attention.

Newest development in our otherwise calm homelife is little inconsiderate hands grabbing after cups full of warm tea or coffee. I hope it soon will become boring.

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  1. These inconciderate hands are getting rather anoying. I am sick of sitting dowm to a nice cup of coffee only to have a surprisingly speedy hand tip it over. The box of eggs pulled into the foor this afternoon was enraging and messy,but the worst is still when it is the bread knofe.