Friday, 21 January 2011

January 21st

We had steak.

I’m glad I can write it down. I think, I feel no shame. Even if our dinner means another nail in the coffin of our lovely climate. It was worth it. I can’t remember the last time I have had such a piece of meat on my plate( I think we may have had some at Christmas 2 years ago), and I am sure it was a first for Ernest. I got some pretty good meat at my local butcher – well sort of local, the market is 5 minutes away but serves half the county. The price was a bit under a euro for every hundred grams. I shopped till around 700gs and I thought Jen and I will eat ourselves to death on beef tonight but my children surprised me. It was a delight watching them chewing and sucking away on small chunks of meet slowly, comfortably. They looked like eating just cooked meat is in their genes, carried from the times of prehistoric days (and odd concept, prehistoric).

A new hobby has taken off in the house as I find some help in putting away the laundry. I fold up the clothes and Ernest continuously shuttles them to Liliom who then puts them away or puts them into their right places when Ernest gets carried away and thinks he knows where to put them. And now you shall go aawh, that’s so cute! But remember one thing or two. Yes I do involve them around the house, in the house work in a playful way learning about living and all that stuff that is so nice. I also am teaching them about industrialised life, breaking up processes into small, mindlessly or more or less so manageable pieces where time is of the essence and efficiency is the key. Perhaps one considers me a pretty miserable person for having a Marxist analytical spin on hanging out with my kids. No comment.

I would like some feedback on an entirely political issue. This will be the eating of the pudding actually because i was receiving messages about these blogs but I sometimes wonder – here is the Hungarian trust none, especially not yourself logic – so I wonder if Jen asked you to do so therefore I can feel important and loved again because... let’s not go there.

So the question ir around the event on Wednesday in Strasbourg in the EU parliament, were you aware that Mr. Orban was there, do you know who is he and if yeses are for these two than what do you think of his reception? It was fascinating to watch if you ask me – here goes the stay at home parent, loaded with background tv time. Altough I didn’t understand most of it considering only now and again someone talked in a language I do.

We have moved in on 15th August 2010. At some point this week we finally got around to have a curtain. I feel very civilised now. But you know, we do have some awesome views so maybe this is the delay

I have mentioned about river cottage before, how it has become a family event in the evenings. The other day after dinner they were for some change quietly playing away in the other room when just out of curiosity I leaned in the door and in a calm, easy going tone said the apparently magic words ‘river cottage’... within thirty seconds they were sitting on the sofa, organised, ready to go, I mean watch. It’s a nice show to watch with them perhaps for there can be something in it for everyone and thus the perfect relaxing together as a family achieved. A friend once argued with me that there is some point to TV. I remember I was not accepting her point, we just got rid of our tv maybe a month before. Now I see that at times, in ways perhaps there is.

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