Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 17th

stared typing last night but then my dad called and we were on the phone for two hours. this is how for I got before:

During dinner we have been listening to some classical music while Ernest occasionally pointed out to us the pretty piece of art hanging on the wall (yes all that one). Felt very sophisticated and on top of it... we had French toast. Which is also a very sophisticated name for a meal consisting of old, drying bread and eggs fried up in a pen.

Afterwards listening to Carmina Burana I had some memories brought up from the time I just got my driving license and i would roll down the street in my father’s car listening to loud music; Yello (can’t remember the name of the album but real 80s electronic stuff – it was already dated 15 years ago) or Carmina Burana. Back than I think I always carried around with me some four or five cassettes but these 2 were the hit. And then it hit me that Lili probably never seen one of these things and even if she has she hasn’t the faintest idea what on earth it might be. For her music comes on the computer, on an mp3 player or maybe on a mobile phone.

Now some would declare we lived through a real paradigm shift but I think that would be getting carried away. Maybe the format changed but the content is eerily the same. Lili was nagging on us for letting her watch something this afternoon so I put on Koyaanisqatsi, a weird but interesting yet still boring movie from 1982 about contemporary society and what a nonsense it is. Contemporary society. Some striking images. Looking at cities, highway systems and all that urban life I realised that apart from some small changes life is essentially the same. Even after all the crap we have enriched(hm) our lives with.

I found a fine book yesterday, something about human rights, considering in an academic manner, just didn’t have time to read it today. Every time i wanted to something interrupted me. Sometimes it’s a bum to have a life and kids.

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