Monday, 24 January 2011

January 24ht

Distant dealings – time and special disparity – with my dermatologist have reaffirmed my previous standings about the local medical societies. I perhaps haven’t mentioned (while typing this i am on a computer off line and I cannot check on prev stuff as /shame/ I don’t have a record only on the net)... so bracketing doesn’t work for me, too long round sentences. Once I had a friend who did this all the time but he was rather amazing as he could close a sentence, well, a thought after several inserted – perhaps – lectures and long descriptions in multiple layers. I am talking of him in past tense as we have lost contact eventually although in the age of facebook this is clearly an overstatement or to be precise, hiding some truths. As i said it is possible i haven’t mentioned about our visit to the doctor with Ernest last week, the visit that was utterly pointless and only succeeded in letting us know that a bust dermatologist doesn’t have time for her patient whom she happens to see for the first time in her life. (typing in one go loosing where i started without halting for a significant time thinking what I actually started to write in the beginning is more impressive doing than reading). Well. It is a process.

Bytheway process, I seem to have, in cooperation with studies into A/r/tography (or sg like this-will never learn it) I managed to inspire Jen into blogging, within days her blog seems more popular than mine. I hope this is not the beginning of the end. Of course i should pick up an ideology and say that competition is good for society so there we go. We will have a happier relationship. Although I am not convinced.

In that visit last week we were also recommended something for washing with and finally I got around to the pharmacist today to ask about it, we went there originally for teething gel. I bagged the stuff, me trusting idiot and at home I realised they were water purification tablets. She could have said to boil the cattle, let it cool and use that to wash our faces with! There goes my new found idealism about free market completion.

So getting to the point, recovering from flu, which is heavy stuff for me as I don’t usually do flu or its associates. Feeling a bit better today and there has been some positive developments. Rather surprising ones indeed. I think I may have started writing this blog bitching about this state and now we had the nices surprise. Even though we were already told that our papers now belong to the state and we will not receive them back ever, ever again, today we received them. Nice touch. Said that I needed the consul in Helsinki to put in an extra few words for me. Another, even more surprising part of the day was leaving school in the afternoon when we found Jen’s shawl that Ernest and I lost months ago. An old lady was veering it. I mentioned to her that she is wearing our scarf/shawl and she admitted that she has found it. I was willing to buy it back from her but she wouldn’t accept money. It just felt somehow wrong to let her take it off. Only did so because I am not planning to go to Mozambique any time soon again.

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