Friday, 7 January 2011

January 7th

The snow is melting. it's slush

yesterday I forgot to mention of a story I was commisioned by Jen to report. she is not happy with me so here goes

It was around 8am when I was walkin home from Liliom's school. It was the day of the partial ... but it was too early to get slightly eerie dark. It was going to come later. However, it was nippy and cold and traffic had some sliglhtly unhealthy feeling to it. I was on foot though and getting through the crossing of the two main roads was really easy as there is a traffic light and local drivers obey the traffic lights. So my walk was boring and I was in my thoughts when someone stopped with her bike next to me and begun an apologetic explanation, a plea...

she couldn't but notice my awsome green headband and would really like to ask me where did I get because her son just got dreadlocks and practically ordered her to get him some green headbands and she has been locking for it everywhere but no only now when she sees me wearing this beutiful piece, this green cotton or is it wool(?) crown so would I please tell her from where can she get one.

During this I had to keep nocking her hands away as she seemed to be uncontrolabbly trying to take my headwear off my head. This would have caused my ears experiencing the minus five hence my nonpaciist response. She was disappointed to her it the grean headwear didnt come from a shop and next before letting me go, on condition it wasn't too much to ask she wanted to know why the green? is it some sort of rasta, dreadlocks thing? and she stated maybe she is just too uneducated and she should know but she didnt.

I laughed because if there is something with the green, I, who happaned to have his hear in this wonderful locks and happen to wear a wonderful, handknitted green headband should certainly know about it and not knowing... hm, if she is uneducated I would be outright ignorant, we parted. I hope Jen is happy.

Today I was falling into bad mood till I reminded myself that sleeping and trying to concentrate at life with a positive spin helps.

the rest of the day Ernest and I went on a trip, we went to big tesco, it wasnt the super big one (which would be a regular one in big city thinkning). I let him run around, he misses being able to just go. He loaded us up on satsumas, i got the rest of the shopping. Then we raided the shops in the mall and got some food. We actually managed to leave all shops and premises before we were asked to leave. It was a wild rampage.

I fell asleep on the armchair after we picked Lili up but woke up eventually only to be forced to engage in more papermodelling. It was a stegosaurus. Lili said it was a lot easier than the one yesterday. I explained that we just have a bit mroe clue how to do it. I tried to explain to her also that I am extramely afriad of papermodels and I only do them with her to make her happy and let her enjoy finding intersting hobbies and develop fine skills but she wasnt buying it.

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