Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January 4th

Back to reality, atlough from the dates of the journal, one would never know that reality has been left and what may have been the quality of that alternative reality. Nevertheless we spent much of the day doing loundry and trying to reorganise our home to fit the stuff that one calles christmass presents.
Not having much furniture while a third of our home pretty much cannot be classified as living space at the moment it is a tiresome task.

Jen fell asleep in the armchair during the afternoon while I fidgeted with the computer, trying to make it work again. Ernest kindly stroke her hair from time to time - Jen's hair - which times I was scared he might get curious what if, what if he grabs and pulls? he didn't. In the meantime Lili grew tired of her drawing project and just started piling toys in the living room... I guess she finds it cosier there. The mess drives us crasy not her, not her concern therefore.

I spent much of the early evening fidgeting on the computer, another one, rather than studying, like I do while typing this. I could have, should be using this time for something like reading or studying. of course, if I didnt I would be sitting at a parents' evening in the school. Instead, I am at the reception. A fellow receptionist asked me last night to swap with her.

Heard news today that our imaginary dragon is hanging out in the lower Alps, near Graz somewhere around Pasail. he got there a a bit after we have left but called today he will stay on a while, sledging is fun he sais and I cannot but agree. We are back to the flat lands and it is boring. Dusty already even though construction works in the city are mostly stopped now. Traffic still takes its talls on ari quality...

by the way, about hungary
tomorrow it's the 5th. ha, that is some knowledge. But some group is organising a blackout, or to be more precise an international voluntary blankout of webpages. to support their not liking of the new lack of free media in hungary. I hope that big providers will join too. Imgine the echo if such pages as the bbc for instance went blank for a day.

Sadly, EU leaders eagerly welcomed hungary's taking over the presidency this january. of course, they don't want the rest of the world to get the 'wrong' picture of the EU, countries and leaders quarelling about stuff. Perhaps they forgetting the message, the picture they are sending by not doing so. priorities...hm. Recently talking about wikilieaks with a friend we were supporting each other's outrage of the treatment they got. European governments for instance let companies get away with treating wikileaks as a terrorist organisation, or even chip in themselves. I ask than why would they actually care about introducing formal censorship in hungary when it is already in the EU? Perhaps they are eagerly taking notes.

Anyways, as wikileaks' story shows yet again, or tretment ofanti estabilishment pacifist rallies (here talking of experience) what is classed as terrorism is what challanges the status que, or the 'official' development of society. Regardless what it is, movements, ideas, ideals and dreams, some of them are violent, some of them are increadibly progressive... that is not the point.

Taking another turn: I have seen some skislopes in that lower alps and came to the conclusion that there must be a thriving top of the mountain community in the alps as every year there are probably thousands of people who go up on the skilift and scare off from coming back down on the slope. I want to believe they settle doqwn and live happily ever after.

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